Opening hours
Tuesday - Sunday 12:00 - 16:00.
monday closed.
SEK 50 per person from age 18.


+46(0)950 379 45

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The Museum

The Forestry Museum in Lycksele is a culture-historical museum with a regional responsibility for
the history of forests and forestry. The museum is situated close to the Gammplatsen (the Old Site) open-air recreation area.

The museum can also implement archaeological investigations. An example is the investigations of the church town in the area.
The real find material conveys interesting information on the 17th- and 18th-century activities and contacts
within the region and with the surrounding world.

Eight seasons

- an object and picture narrative on the traditional life of the Sami people

The name refers to the Sami traditionally having divided the year into eight seasons in order to describe the seasonal changes.
The exhibition starts off with the spring and the seasonal changes can then be followed clockwise around the hall.
The exhibition will stand through 2010.


Welcome to Gammplatsen (the Old Site) - the very oldest Lycksele! This place is beautifully situated on a headland in the Ume River. Lycksele was one of five 
places in northern Sweden, which were appointed church and market sites in the early 17th century. In 1607 a church was built here
and Lycksele became a meeting place for the clergy, the Sami and tradesmen from the coast.

Welcome to the Forestry Museum

Before the time of the machines forestry was a winter activity. On snow and frozen bogland the power of the horses lasted long. In spring the logs were floated on brooks and rivers towards the coast, and from there to be forwarded around the world – maybe as boards, planks or as pulp. The Manual Logging Era exhibition tells us of smallholding life and the work in the forest district of those days.


After the Second World War the first machines were driven into the forests of northern Sweden. The Mechanized Logging Era exhibition tells us of the technological development with its exhibits of, above all, big machines.

Here you can also test your driving skills in a forwarder simulator, or why not have a seat in our mini cinema and have look at amusing old newsreels.


Living in Nature

Welcome to Nature in Lycksele!

Discover close-by nature and the reserves. Sneak around in exciting woods, squelch in thriving wetlands, wander along winding brooks and stroll across flourishing meadows...

At the entrance of the Mechanized Logging Era exhibition there are brochures and an information board on reserves and nature areas worth visiting in the Lycksele area. Start off at Gammplatsen (the Old Site), the nicest combined nature and cultural area in Lycksele. The nature reserve here can offer nutritious inundation forest with really old pine-trees. The cultural area can offer a Sami residence and the ruin of a former Lycksele church. In the area there are paths, benches, resting-places and information boards, and part of it is adapted for the disabled.

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